What is long haul truck driver’s salary?

long-haul-truck-driver-salaryIt is no secret that over the road, or OTR, truck drivers make the greatest money. Walmart is one of the highest paying, with an average wages of $71,500 per year before bonuses. OTR drivers are also held to higher standards. They deliver various products around the state and have tight delivery schedules to keep. Long haul drivers and specialty motorists rank right up with OTR drivers.
Specialty motorists fall into a kind that is specific. These are drivers who haul Hazmat materials, specialty products, and oversize loads largely. It takes a trained driver to take on these trips. The higher pay also means that these motorists are expected to remain up to date on business policy changes, new laws that go into effect and the laws of the roadways in each area they travel in.

Truck drivers that belong to an union are also paid higher than national firms are. Unions have several rules in place that require the motorists be paid so. Increases in pay are anticipated as well. These drivers have an entire different set of rules to follow in addition to regulations and the industry standard rules. Unions each have dues and conditions of their own. Each union is different, and it is significant that all tractor trailer operators read the entire union agreement before joining.

What Particular Kinds of Truck Drivers Make the Most Money?
Ice road truckers are the highest paid in the specialization field with oversized load motorists and Hazmat haulers. Because of the danger of the job and risk that is high, ice road truckers have the ability to make a whole year’s salary in just a couple months’ time. These are the finest of the finest in the industry. Bravery is just a small part of the occupation. Skill is needed beyond anything else. Truckers must know the best way to manage the elements if they break down on an excursion and how to mend their trucks.

Next in particular occupations is dump truck drivers for coal mines. Patience is a virtue in this profession. The process of loading coal from mines has to be done in a special manner to ensure that the mine is not interrupted. Any sudden jerk or motion that is overly abrupt can cause a fall in the mine.

Oversize load drivers undoubtedly make a comfortable living. A whole lot of patience and a high level of concentration is needed for this occupation. It requires a fantastic deal of skill to keep a big road straight. They travel with a team including a spotter so that their journey is safe from beginning to end.

Hourly wage for long distance truckers

Frequently, truck drivers will negotiate their salaries around a rate that’s based on mileage and not on hours. For an experienced truck driver that is independent, the rate per mile could be as high as 60 cents a mile. This means for an experienced independent truck driver traveling a mean of 70 miles an hour on the interstate highway can make an average of 42 dollars an hour. If the draw, or excursion, equals out to 800 miles then the motorist will make $480. This of course doesn’t include her or his rates for lodgings.

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